There seems to be a plethora of articles about foods that are aphrodisiacs. Many of these articles are nothing more than old wives tales. (No, there is no evidence that eating oysters will ramp up your libido.) However, peer-reviewed scientific research is turning up evidence that there are vitamins and other components in foods that can heighten sexual function and experience. These are the best foods to maintain a vigorous and healthy sex life.



The spicy leafy green Arugula has a long history of libido enhancement. Way back in the first century, writers recommended arugula to get you going. (Yes, even first century people were concerned about having more and better sex.) Research has shown that there are trace minerals and antioxidants in arugula that assist the body in blocking absorption of contaminants in the environment that can stunt your sex drive.



Almonds make the list of healthiest foods for sex, for longevity and for weight-loss. Researchers don’t know all of the reasons for almonds’ great performance, but it does have a lot to do with the nutrients and trace minerals contained in the complex nut. Zinc, selenium and vitamin E are all components of almonds. Those three materials are also very important to sexual health and fertility. If you are trying to conceive in the next year, adding almonds to your diet is a net gain. Many companies are now making almond milk and almond butter, so your delivery mechanism is varied.

Avocados. These delicious fruits are often misclassified as vegetables. But the little green fruits are powerful aphrodisiacs due to their positive affect on your heart. Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and have very low saturated fats. This means they are positive for your arteries and heart, ensuring your heart is strong and your blood flow is good. Blood flow is obviously the key to keeping away erectile dysfunction in men. Focus on keeping you and your man free of heart disease and you will also benefit with a stronger sex life.



Have all the fig newtons you want, because figs have long been heralded as a fertility booster. The reality is that figs have two positive affects on your sexual health. First, they contain soluble and insoluble fiber, which keeps you regular and less puffy. Second, all that fiber is good for your heart, and we know that when your heart is pumping away you are more likely to play!



Listen up guys: you need citrus to have the sex life you dream about. Citrus has antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which ward off cancer and promote that all-important healthy heart. Fruits like lemons, grapefruits and oranges are also fiber rich, which has a good impact on your waistline and your ability to lose weight effectively by curbing your appetite.



For some, strawberries are associated with romance, since everyone dips the tasty berries in chocolate on special occasions. The act of sharing chocolate covered strawberries may stoke the romantic fires, but the strawberries themselves don’t necessarily act as natural Viagara. However, strawberries are worth consuming since they are high in folic acid, a B vitamin that is helpful for fertility and fetal health. Women who intend to get pregnant, even if starting a family is far off in the future, should make sure they are eating enough folic acid.

The best way to make sure that you and your sex partner are doing all you can to have a fulfilling sex life is to eat well. Incorporate these six foods into your diets and watch your sex life soar.