Every parent knows that bath time is about more than just getting clean and fresh. For many kids, it’s a time to play and relax. Although some kids are afraid of the water, it’s still important to put them at ease and teach them good hygiene habits. These are our tips for having a fun and special bath time.



It’s no secret that all babies and children love bubbles. Add a bubble bath for your child to play with. Buy some bubble wands and practice blowing bubbles both large and small. Learning to blow bubbles actually can help with your child’s early language skills by learning to control his mouth and lips. You can learn words like “bubble, big, little and pop” and also have lots of fun. All the major companies sell baby-safe bubbles and there are also natural and organic options to choose from, such as California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath.

Paint and Color

There are new products on the market that let your child safely color the water, bathtub and wall without doing any permanent harm. Crayola’s fun Color Dotz turn bathwater red, blue, or yellow. Markers, finger paints, reusable stickers and sticky foam shapes are all a blast to play with. Just be sure you keep teaching your child that non-bath markers and paints are not removable, so they don’t start decorating your living room wall with Crayola.



Don’t overlook the possibilities to tell stories during bath time. There are many companies that provide waterproof books. There are also books meant to be played with during the bath. Sandra Boynton’s Bath Time! book ends with a kid-pleasing squeak. You can also make up stories using your child’s bath toys. Get creative. Use your child’s dump truck to haul bath bubbles from one end of the tub to the other, reenact the Little Mermaid with Ursula and Ariel bath dolls, or narrate a pirate escapades using Captain Hook’s boat. The sky is the limit and your little one will love it!

Toy Time

Tub toys are both fun and important for developing coordination and motor skills. Bath Buddy washcloths are shaped like fun water animals like frogs. They are both useful for cleaning and able to provide cover for your child so she doesn’t get cold. Little Quack’s Duck Book is a waterproof book that comes with a detachable floating duck. Terrycloth Bug Tub Puppets are finger puppets that let your create a story. Foam letters and numbers are especially fun for learning shapes, letters and numbers.



Getting clean doesn’t need to be boring. Rather than using plain washcloths and puffs, buy some scrubbies, balls, and abstract sponges that are pleasing to kids. Animal Shaped Sponges by Kids Create are inexpensive and colorful. Bath gloves are easy for mom to use and soothing to kids. Try the Little Twig Organic Bumble Bee Bath Mitt, which costs less than $5.00 and is available at retailers like Walgreens.

If you implement water toys and storytime, your child will quickly begin to associate bath time with fun time, making this less of a chore and more of a joy.