As a sysadmin you know better than everyone the mind-blowing complexity of the modern corporate network. Your company’s computer systems are a digital riddle, wrapped in a mystery emulator running in a turnkey hybrid cloud enigma.

At any time, on any day, you could find yourself staring at a unique system failure that has never, ever, ever happened anywhere before in the history of the universe. Whatever the alignment of the intermeshed, inadequately logged events that caused the glitch, slowdown, shutdown, failure, failover, fire, disaster or apocalypse, it’s your job to fix it. Now. Against the clock. Backwards. In heels.

Your job is basically impossible.

Well, no more. Today is SysAdmin Day and we’re here to help. We’ve put our heads together and come up with a simple and easy to understand guide to fixing any computer problem on any network, anywhere. Period.

Our foolproof flowchart is yours to cut out and keep:

Solve any computer problem

If you want some advice that might actually help you…

…check out our 5 tips for making life easier this SysAdmin Day.