hello guys today we gonna see about our most favorite and cool  “Instagram”  which is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service.All we see that many of us have only a couple of hundred follower so is case with the Likes , Today in Part I we gonna see to get followers and likes manually and get started with tricks .


Instagram likes :

In order to get more likes we have one trick. In this trick you need to add some hash tags in your photos and by them you can easily get a huge amount of like.

so for the most popular tags you go through the  popular Tags  so go through this website and just copy paste the famous tags in your photo caption and you can many likes automatically.

Also for tags android users can go through the Tags for like apk and install it and get likes :v .


Instagram Followers :

when the thing is about followers we tend to do anything and go through any survey and all use less stuff online please don’t do that and follow our guide for basis start up to get followers quick.

  • First of all as i said earlier use famous hash tags like : like4like , follow4follow ,l4l,  instafollow , followback  and so on.
  •  Also Make sure your bio is complete. Include related  keywords and hashtags, and a link back to your site and please  don’t be spammy; this is a guarantee that one who reads your profile will follow you!
  • Also use Geotagging this will also help
  • Again you can also tag someone famous in your photo to get more likes and followers , make sure related person stuff you are posting and all other things to worry about.
  • Go through the suggested people to follow and follow them all.
  • Major thing is here please keep follow and unfollow to certain famous accounts over instagram and see your follower will go on increasing .

Special trick (manual) :

This trick is special one and worth to try because easy and simple , only you need to work on continuously and same again.

follow the following steps as it is :

  • first make a Search for “Popugram” in Instagram
  •  after this follow popugram
  • now after that follow all  users “popugram” follows ( follow them to which  popugram  is following )
  • Now wait for some time and watch the magic and see increasing number of followers
  •  now after some time  followers stop coming to you so now Unfollow all previewously followed users
  • Now again follow them like Before
  • Last step is to repeat this loop 🙂


free Auto follower:

After above step i’ll also like to add one thing you go through instagress , make a trial account and set account for auto followers and speed fast  also make sure you keep in running online till the time finishes , on luck basis you get a good bunch of followers from here for free and automatic.


I’ll be posting a some advance techniques in upcoming part so stay tuned.

suggestions and questions are welcomed please make use of comments section for questioning and suggestions .