‘Aerial Assault’ Drone Helps Hackers Penetrate Internet Networks by hovering above

If you are a hacker and want to infiltrate Internet networks in areas out of reach, you can try this new drone. Aerial Assault drone is a unmanned aerial vehicle which is available for $2,500 and has the ability to hover about the target network, sniff vulnerabilities in the PCs below and report back to the owner.
The Aerial Assault drone houses a raspberry Pi running Kali Linux, a distro built specifically for pen testing of networks and devices. Once it is in the air, Aerial Assault can sniff insecure devices and networks and store that information locally or beam it back to the pilot.
David Jordan from Aerial Assault unveiled the aircraft at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas Sunday.  He says that Aerial Assault is equipped with a array of software tools capable of “penetration testing”
“There has never been this capability before,” Jordan told Agence Presse-France.
The Aerial Assault drone is built on top of open source technology making it easy for white hat hackers and security researchers to customise it the way they want. Because it uses GPS, in addition to hanging outside of skyscrapers collecting unencrypted data, it can also be sent out to multiple buildings in areas that would be inaccessible by a person.
This $2,500 drone should be on sale in the next few days at Wall of Sheep.