Are you using proxy services to hide your IP address? Are you sure, it’s not stealing your cookies and passwords?
Here is a best way to find trusted, secure, free proxy services:
Let me introduce you the “ProxyChecker“, an online tool that allows users to enter the IP address and port of their favourite free proxy service, to see if it is messing with traffic, or is genuine about trying to be secure.
ProxyCheckerMeet the Developer
The ProxyChecker service is developed by a Vienna-based developer Christian Haschek, the founder of Haschek Solutions:
Christian HaschekAfter coding the ProxyChecker service, Haschek tested it with free proxy services. In tests of 199 free proxy services, he found 33 are modifying HTML and stealing cookies, 17 tinkering with JavaScript, and 157 sent user traffic without encrypting it.
“Just because a proxy doesn’t actively modify your content does not mean it’s safe to use. The only way to use a free proxy and be somewhat safe is if it’s HTTPS capable and you’re only surfing on HTTPS enforced sites,” Haschek says.
Technical details about the “ProxyChecker” is available on his blog.