Because technological devices are becoming more and more important each day, it’s our duty to make it more popular and easier to manipulate.
And that’s why the youth of MEDIASOFT “IT and audiovisual association” Of the national school of management in Tangier organized a one week event called “L’Geek Week”.
Having one ultimate goal; extending people’s knowledge about computer science.
L’Geek Week includes:
  • Geek Training: in which they form the participants about the basics of Photoshop, and WebDesign. Geek Challenge: a competition in general culture and particularly the IT sector “computer science and the virtual world’s news and updates” between different schools.
  • Geek Gaming: a championship for passionate gamers from different colleges. Geek Shop: Stands available to all interested by L’Geek Week products, DVD lessons, books and software…
  • Geek Tour: A caravan that travels to form other cities students in Word, Excel, Power Point and Photoshop. Geek Experience: panel discussions by speakers that share success factors according to their experience with the theme “corporate E-Reputation”.


  • And of course Lady Geek: a round table directed by women, and for women, all sharing the same passion for the world of computer science. The L’Geek Week family had already made two successful editions and the third edition is going to become a reality soon. So stay tuned and expect the best.