It seems Microsoft is stealthily embracing Linux! A Windows hacker, Walking Cat has noted that the latest Windows build 14251 aka Redstone has two Linux files called LXCore.sys and LXss.sys.

Windows Power User in a blogpost noted that though Microsoft had been using Linux in its Project Astoria for Windows 10 Mobile, this is the first time somebody found Linux files on a proper Windows 10 desktop version. Microsoft had incorporated Android subsystem in Windows 10 Mobile under its Project Astoria which was reportedly shelved.

The latest discovery suggest that latest Redstone build of Windows 10 desktop will have access to a Linux subsystem. The files, LXCore.sys and LXss.sys was discovered by prolific windows hacker Walking Cat who tweeted :

While the reason for Microsoft incorporating these files in Windows 10 Redstone build is not known, it is assumed that Windows 10 Server may benefit from running linux-based server apps, so this may be related to the non-consumer side of Windows 10.

Another reason could be that Microsoft could be incorporating Project Astoria even on Windows 10 desktop. The second reason sounds more feasible as Microsoft is trying to build a converging technology for all products. Windows 10 Build 14251 is the first OneCore build of Windows 10, meant for Mobile, Desktop and Xbox One.

Anyways, in long run it looks like Microsoft may finally embrace some parts of Linux for its Windows operating system.