Stay Secure and Fully Anonymous with TAILS, the Anonymous Distro

We all of aware of the Tor Browser an symbol of anonymity but tor has some lacuna’s
well but we will get introduction to some of us who aren’t aware of what tor is ?

Tor browser or ONION ROUTER

The principle of Tor, “onion routing”, was developed in the mid-1990s by United States Naval Research Laboratory employees,mathematician Paul Syverson and computer scientists Michael G. Reed and David Goldschlag, with the purpose of protecting U.S.intelligence communications online. Onion routing was further developed by DARPA in 1997

But Tor is not meant to completely solve the issue of anonymity on the web. Instead, it simply focuses on protecting the transportation of data so that certain sites cannot trace back the data to a given location. It is still possible for sites to backtrack to a location. Tor is not designed to erase a user’s tracks but to simply make it less likely for sites to trace back to them.


Fig: working of Tor

Basically Tor just disguises you (your computer identity) in the Dark web by moving your traffic across different Tor servers, and encrypting that traffic so it isn’t traced back to you. Anyone who tries would see traffic coming from random nodes on the Tor network.

To access this network simply go through this Tor project and download to , with easy setup.

What are the advantages of Tor Project and up to what extent you must use it ?

Tor provides you Basic anonymity if you are just looking to stay hidden.
Tor is also good because it’s open source (free).
Tor is one of the easiest ways to anonymize your traffic.
Besides it’s also good for Entrepreneur who want to keep their sites ,data out of access of Advertisers, ISP’s and offcourse Government . Also it is used for many Illegal Acts .
Onion Routing is not just restricted only to browse Secure but it can also Host Websites through it’s portal and which is re-strictly accessible to Tor users only by Hidden Wiki ,It’s on one of these hidden service sites that something like The Silk Road exists to traffic drugs. Also host certaion child pornograghic contents and many illegal acts.

What Tor(Onion router) doesn’t do ? lacuna’s

Tor is very handy,easy to work with !but its far away from perfection.
Don’t get it granted that you use Tor browser so you are perfectly anonymous
Someone like the NSA can tell if you’re a Tor user and that makes them more likely to target you
With a some crucial work, the Government can figure out who you are. Motherboard points to a recent FBI bust that shows how this might work.FBI managed to crack the network by injecting a Malware in the browser and infecting.In the process, the malware revealed the IP addresses of hundreds of users.Picture is not same for Tor Network it isn’t that easy while Browser has a differentstory.The attack like “Man in th middle is still possible on Tor”.

Tor is about hiding your location, not encrypting your communications. It cannot encrypt the exit node from the Tor network to your destination, and if anyone is in a position to snoop your computer and any of your destinations it is possible for them to connect the dots and do some traffic analysis. For end-to-end encryption you’re on your own and need SSL or SSH.Tor does support IPv6 ,so a better way is to switch over “Tails”


when should you use Tor project ?

If you are a average User looking to stay non-traced from ISP’s then all you need is the Tor butTor is just going to slow down your connection. Also to secure your connection you should use VPN(Virtual Private Network) to secure your network via encrypt all your traffic.

Tails Distribution :

Tails is a live Distribution that aims to preserve your privacy and Anonymity.It helps to use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer but leaving no trace unless you ask it to explicitly
It is a complete operating system designed to be used from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card independently of the computer’s original operating system. It is Free Software and based on Debian GNU/Linux.

HOW the TAIL’s work?

Tails is very sophisticated Network.It work with the Tor Browser in it and also it Uses I2P (a different network like tor check it here).This make it more secure.
Interesting thing about the Tail is that “Using Tails on a computer doesn’t alter or depend on the operating system installed on it. So you can use it in the same way on your computer, a friend’s computer, or one at your local library. After shutting down Tails, the computer will start again with its usual operating system.”

Fig: Two layer relays

Tails also comes with the “State of the art cryptography Tools”.Tools happens to be like Luks+(to encrypt your Usb Drive),uses automatically HTTPS to encrypt all your communication to a number of major websites using HTTPS everywhere (A firefox extension),also encrypt and sign you emails and documents using the De-Facto (open PGP).Protect your instant messaging consersations Using OTR, Securely delete your files and clean your diskspace using Nautilus this is all about Tails now is on you to switch to Tails or stay on Tor!! check here more