Would you like to own a website like HaCoder? It’s awesome way for community building. You will meet a lot of nice people and you will learn a lot about technology and pentest or anything your website is about.

If you are interested in IT you probably sometimes wanted to create a website (blog/webshop/portal). So you can do it with us, almost for FREE if you decide to do it today. We are very long time working in hosting industry as Network/System Administrators and using almost all major providers and we don’t have very good experience.

People think that major hosting providers have better quality services, I think It’s not always true. Most of them have overpriced services without a reason, actually they want to earn more and thats main reason for expensive web services.

We was paying around 15€ per month for WordPress website.

The way how they devide packages is really not fair. Price of the package depends on monthly unique visitors. For example first package is up to 25,000 visitors and second is up to 100,000. Price for first is 7€ and for second is 17€. So if you decided to buy second they already know that you have more than 25k visitors and you probably earn enough to pay 17€ per month for hosting.

They don’t have any charges per visitor, just bandwidth and little resource usage. The way how we devide packages is I think more than fair. You can get Unlimited storage and Unlimited bandwidth for just $0.99 USD. All money we earn goes to pay bills for servers and some software licenses required to provide good quality services.

We also have FREE support that will help you with installation and everything you need (theme install, change logo, edit footer). You just have to open tocket and thats it. Our support staff is students volunteers want to learn more about servers and hosting systems, but they have good knowledge about Web Design, Web development (PHP, JS, WordPress), Security…

We don’t need millions of customers, we need happy customers.

If you decide to order Unlimited Hosting, use coupon code “99UNLIMITED” for Supernova package to order for $0.99 USD. If you want free mutually.com or .net subdomain (ex. myname.mutually.com/.net) open ticket or note that in purchase note.