Every girl’s beloved childhood friend has gotten a major makeover as a brand new breed of Barbie dolls has emerged. We can barely contain our joy as we see a range of dolls in all shapes and colors, ready to take dollhouses by storm. New toys pop up every single day, but these new Barbies mean so much more than meets the eye. An entirely new generation of little girls will be impacted as the old standard for beauty quickly becomes just a memory.

Our opinion? It’s about time! As images of gorgeous, stick-thin models continue to dominate the magazine racks, these all-inclusive new Barbie dolls are a much welcome breath of fresh air. We can only hope their creation marks a new era in conventional beauty standards. The new Barbies boast different hair styles, body types, skin colors and clothing, hopefully letting young girls in on the secret that it’s totally OK to be yourself.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the new line of Barbies? An adorable Curvy Barbie that’s sure to make a splash among an industry constantly trying to shake things up. Last year’s Body Positivity movement did great things for plus-sized models, and a Curvy Barbie is a major step in the right direction. There’s even a flatfooted Barbie for the gals who shun high heels. They really did think of everything!

Are you digging the new line of Barbies? Do you feel it will make an impact on society’s beauty standards today? We’d love to hear your thoughts, leave us some love in the comments below!