Resource Hacker is a tool for compiling, viewing, decompiling and recompiling both 32 bit and 64 bit resources of Windows executables. It can open and edit any type of windows executable files including EXE, DLL and SCR. This freeware can also help you to edit resource files and resource script files.

Resource Hacker supports the following compiler directives:

  • #IF
  • #ELIF
  • #ELSE
  • #IFDEF
  • #UNDEF
  • #PRAGMA.
Now, take a look at the how-to guide:

How To Use Resource Hacker?

1. Download Resource Hacker (Official Link | MediaFire Link).

2. Install it on your computer. Then run it. You will see a window as shown below:

Resource Hacker New

If you want to decompile an executable or dll file, go to File > Open. Then select a file and then open it. You will see a window like this:

Dot-Net-Installer Resource

To change the icon of the setup file, expand the icon folder and then right-click on the first resource. Then select “Replace Icon…”. A window will appear:

Replace Icon

Then click on “Open file with new icon” and then select a file (See the image below):

Icon Selected

Now click on the “Replace” button. That’s it.

The icon should now be replaced!

If you want to create an executable with the same icon, go to File > Save As.. Then give the executable a name and then save it.

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How To Edit Dialog Boxes ?

To edit the dialog boxes, expand the “dialog” folder and then select the dialog resource you want to edit (see the image below).
Edit Dialogs
You can edit anything on the dialog box, jut click on it and edit it.
If you want to change the controls, right-click on it and then select “Edit Control”. You will see a window as shown below:
Control Editor
As you can see in the above image, you can edit the name, class, position and function of the control.
Now moving onto the next operation…..

How To Edit Strings ?

First, expand the “String Table” folder and then select a resource. You will see a window like this:

Edit Strings

Just edit it to whatever you want!

How To Change Version Information?


Change Version Information

First expand the “version info” folder and then select a resource . Then edit the “Values”  to whatever you want.

If you want to edit the manifest file, do the same thing.

What is Manifest file ?

Manifest file is a special file that holds metadata for executable files and DLLs. It contains the XML version, assembly version trust information, encoding, execution level, privileges requested, and even the processor architecture.

If you want to improve Resource Hacker, download the patcher named “Resource Hacker FX” and use it with the original resource hacker software. You can download the Resource Hacker FX from here: (Official Link | MediaFire Link)

Note: For more detailed editing, you can refer the Resource-Definition Statements here:

That’s all…

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