U80 Main Features:

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  • Phonebook Synchronization
  • Call Synchronization
  • Message Synchronization
  • Call and Message Reminder
  • Drinking Reminder
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Sleep Monitoring (useful for hackers and programmers)
  • Pedometer
  • Remote Camera Control

Phonebook Synchronization

You can virtually do routine maintenance tasks on your contacts just from your U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch. You are capable of going through your contacts on your smartwatch with no need of visiting your phone to see them.

Call Synchronization

Never miss a new number or having to look for a phone number through your contacts. If you received a call recently then U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch will have it within your call log. Thanks to its capability of syncing.

Message Synchronization

Monitor and get notified of message notifications on your smartphone. The U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch allows you to get knowing when you get a message on your smartphone.

Call and Message Reminder

U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch works so fine to ensure you never miss a call or a text. With this capability it will always inform you of any incoming calls or messages on your phone.

Drinking Reminder

The U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch can simply watch your drinking habit. It will inform you when it is time to take water as it is your routine.

Sedentary Reminder

Sedentary Reminder monitors your health and ensures you have a health lifestyle.

Sleep Monitoring

U80 Bluetooth smartwatch keenly monitors your sleep patterns. Through this it keeps a record of your sleep times, styles and even wakes you up.
It is capable of informing you the quality of sleep that you had.


The U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch just works fine as a pedometer. It monitors your sports training and tracks your progress.

Remote Camera Control

The U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch is capable of remotely taking pictures using your phone’s camera. This allows you to place your phone at a strategic point and capture yourself or someone else using your smartwatch.

It has a LED screen and supports all devices with Android 3.0 and above. It connects with devices via Bluetooth since it has Bluetooth v4.0.

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Coupon Code: GBU80


U8S Main Features:

Phonebook / Call log / Message / Music sync

Easily realize information synchronization with your mobile phone, more convenient to users.

Coming call / Message reminder

You will never worry about missing some important calls or messages, it will remind you.

Sedentary / Drink water reminder

Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health, remind you to drink water and have a rest.

Sleep monitoring / Pedometer

Monitor your sleep and you can know your sleep date on your phone; Record steps, calories and distance, make you fully control your sports.

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