The below data and statistics are produced after studying the job boards, portals, postings and requirements as made by various IT Companies across the globe for last three months. The below statistics will change when the market and demand will change. We will try our best to keep the list updated when there is any major change required.

1. Java

Java is a general Purpose class based object oriented programming language designed by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems and now owned by Oracle Inc. Despite security loop-holes that follows the Java Programming Language since beginning it tops the list. It has shown a decline in demand which is nearly 11% in the last quarter.
Latest Stable Release : Java Standard Edition 8, Update 40

2. C/C++/C#

C is a general Purpose programming Language designed by Dennis Ritchie. It was used to re-implement the Unix operating system at Bell Labs. C++ is also a general purpose interpretive object oriented programming Language. C# (Pronounced C Sharp) is a multi-paradigm, object oriented class based programming language. There is no data for each of them independently however the combination of all three comes at number two. It has shown a growth in demand of nearly 2% in the last quarter.
Latest Release : C – C 11, C++ – ISO/IEC 14882:2014, C# – 5.0

3. Python

The general Purpose high level programming Language was designed by Guido van Rossum. Having a growth in demand of upto 7% in the last quarter it comes at number three.
Latest Stable Release : 3.4.3

4. Perl

Perl is a high level, general purpose dynamic Interpreted Language. Designed by Larry Wall perl stands fourth in the list. The Growth in demand for Perl has gone upto 9% in the last quarter
Latest Stable Release : 5.20.2

5. PHP

PHP is a general purpose programming language most widely used in web development. PHP stands at number five and it has shown decline in demand by nearly 0.2% in the last quarter.
Latest Stable Release : 5.6.7

6. JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language most commonly used in web browsers for client side scripting. It stands tall at position six. It has shown a increase in demand by 3% in the last quarter.
Latest Stable Release : 1.8.5

7. Embedded Development skills

Embedded skills are evergreen topic and it Stands at number seven. It has shown a growth in demand by 12% in the last quarter.

8. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails generally called as rails is an open source web application framework written in ruby Programming Language. It is standing rock solid at position eight and has shown a growth in demand by 27% in the last quarter.
Latest Stable Release : 4.2.1

9. DevOps

Devops (DEVelopment + OperationS) is a software development method that is based upon communication, collaboration, integration, automation and cooperation. In the list of most popular skills for developers DevOps comes at number nine. It has shown a growth in demand by 13.51% in the last quarter.

10. HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language is the standard markup language used primarily in creating web pages. HTML Comes at number ten. It has shown a decline in demand by 12% approximately in the last quarter.
Latest release : HTML 5

1 Java 11% –
2 C/C++/C## 2% +
3 Python 7% +
4 Perl 9% +
5 PHP 0.2% –
6 JavaScript 3% +
7 Embedded Development Skills 12% +
8 Ruby on Rails 27% +
9 DevOps 13.51% +
10 HTML 12% –