Hello everybody, and welcome to Hacoder. I have made this tutorial for anyone who wants to become a hacker, and wants to know how to get started.


As you’ll get further into the Hacking community, and learn more about how it’s all put together, you’ll also realise very quickly that “There’s is no step-by-step tutorial for Hacking”. No single book is ever written about Hacking on how to this and that. Hacking is all about Knowledge, Skill and Persistence. You need to know a lot of things at the same time. You have to practice all your techniques and keep up with your knowledge so you not only will remember what you know, but also learn more. So, this is just a quick Introduction to the guide, I could go on about what else you need to know but let’s move on.

How to Get Started?

Now, this is the Million Dollar question, and we get a lot of request from people for writing about this particular topic. But as I explained above, I can’t link you a YouTube video or a PDF file with the tutorial on how to hack a Facebook account, or how to DDoS your friend and so on. What I can give you is some guidance on where to look in order to gain your knowledge.

First things first, You will have to read a lot of articles. Because it is crucial. Reading articles daily on everything related to Hacking and Computers in general, will let you on the path to become a good hacker very fast. Unlike all those newbie hackers asking several questions on hacking forums on “How do I hack?” “Where can I find hacking programs?” and many more stupid questions. So just read, try it out, and combine it with your own knowledge.

Type of Hackers:-

I have already written an article about different types of Hackers. If you are interested, find it here.


Now, to practice Hacking, you need a decent PC/Laptop with at least an i5 Processor, at least 8GB RAM and a lot of Hard Disk(1 TB is sufficient).

You need to know a lot about Computers and how they work will always be a benefit. As long as you know a little about PC’s its fine.

Then remember to become a hacker, you need to be smart. Would you download a file from an untrusted website on your dad’s computer? No, then don’t do it on your hacking computer. Know how to protect yourself from malicious programs in general. You need to have a lot of time, put in effort, and have PATIENCE. YOU DON’T BECOME A HACKER OVERNIGHT!

It is a must to learn at least 1-2 programming language. Make sure you pick the right one suited for you. If you don’t know how to program, you won’t understand how certain programs and hacking methods work etc. Programming will give you an understanding, and the ability to create YOUR OWN software AND give you the “power” to become a better hacker. You can write your own exploits (using Ruby), write your own scripts and so on.

Don’t Download Stuff from Unknown Sources:-

I want to point this topic out again because it is so dangerous. If you accidentally download malicious malware or have no clue that a hacker successfully planted a RAT or a Keylogger on your computer, you are screwed. Know what you are downloading. Make sure there is HTTPS in the URL. The “S” means the website is encrypted. NEVER EVER Download from untrusted sources. And there is NO such thing as a “Hacker Pack” or anything like that. If someone tries to sell or just give you a “Hacker Pack”, Don’t download it. There is most likely a Trojan or a virus in it. But if you still download or get the “Hacker Pack”, prepare to be screwed.


Anonymity is the most important thing as a Hacker. If you don’t have this 100% in place, you will then get a new room called a Jail Cell. And you most likely won’t get out depending on what you did. And you don’t want to be sitting in Jail for the new 1-2 or more years for being a Hacker.

There are a lot of ways to stay hidden on the Internet which also makes it difficult because it will then be easier to make Only One mistake. Use TOR(The Onion Routing). TOR is an anonymous web browser that gives you an IP address and lets you surf the web anonymously. Tor was used by the military until hackers got their hands on it. Don’t access your emails or any real identity stuff through TOR. The purpose of using this browser is to stay anonymous, so why access your real identity through it? TOR is not SUPER SAFE. It doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption, which means anyone with the knowledge of how to perform a man in the middle attack can see what data is being transferred, which puts you in danger. He can’t see where it’s coming from or where it’s going though. But still, he has a possibility to find out with enough knowledge.

I2P is safer than TOR. It provides end-to-end encryption and its security basically was developed from where TOR left off. Tails(Linux Distro) lets you surf the internet COMPLETELY anonymously. It leaves no trails on your computer, and it uses TOR to access the internet. Create an anonymous email and use STRONG passwords. And ALWAYS keep backup files of your stuff, just in case.

Don’t use TOR for pulling out any big hack, since it has been compromised by the NSA lately. Use I2P or any other darknet. Not only is I2P more secure, it is less famous too, which means less chance of spying eyes.

VPNs and Proxy:-

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It creates a tunnel from your computer to the internet, and lets you surf the internet anonymously. The tunnel is encrypted so it’s safe for any intruders. Use VPN as it is up to date and is the most used way to stay hidden. A proxy is a server that is its own tunnel sort of speak. It is very similar to a VPN but proxies are out of date now, and I doubt you will find any useful and working proxy server today. If you do, it most likely won’t provide encryption and isn’t safe to use. So use a VPN.

Programming Languages:-

Here is the list of Programming Languages which you should learn:

  • C/C++(almost everything in windows is programmed in C/C++)
  • HTML(Used in Websites)
  • PHP(Server Side Script Language)
  • SQL(responsible for storing and managing sensitive and confidential data such as User Credentials, Personal info or even Bank details)
  • Python(for creating exploits and tools)
  • Ruby(for Exploit writing, and even Metasploit itself is programmed in Ruby)

Do’s and Dont’s :-

  • Don’t be that newbie guy on hacking forums who asks stupid questions.
  • Don’t download possible malware.
  • Learn some programming languages.
  • Make sure you are ANONYMOUS. The most powerful tool a hacker can have, is his anonymity.
  • Know the consequences of what you are doing.
  • Know the consequences of a successful attack, and a failed one.
  • Understand what you are doing, otherwise you can’t develop your methods and techniques, and you can’t add knowledge to your brain.


Remember, Hacking is all about Skill, Knowledge and Persistence. There are no tutorials on it. You need to know a ton of s*** at the same time. Stay anonymous and don’t get in jail. Hackers are supposed to help each other, so share your knowledge as it will benefit you both. Don’t need to tell each other exactly how you do this and that, but an overview is fine.

Before you start this “journey”, sit down and ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish as a hacker?”, decide what direction you want to go in. Set some ground rules for yourself, and possibly your partner if you have one, and work as a team. Remember that everything you need to know is ON THE INTERNET. Not in some silly article on a hack forum. (Unless you’re lucky and find your answer). But to find your answer, use Google as it is a very popular search engine, and gets millions of search query’s daily, and is a fantastic source to find information. Anything you need to know is on the internet. And your keyboard is your tool to achieve that mission.

And One More thing:

Don’t ask anyone to be your teacher or guide. everything is on internet, so get up and start exploring instead of asking someone and waiting for days for his reply.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check other cool stuff at Hacoder.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcomed.
Until next time, Its Webster, signing off.