Nearly all hackers completed college or reached that level by self-education. Self-educated hackers are more respected in hacker’s community because that person is really interested in hacking and he passed a lot of things that are not teached in schools and college.

The most common things hackers do is computers electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, linguistics and philosophy. However, like every developer is not the hacker, hackers do not always have the skills of programming, but most of them have.

Clothing styles: Hackers dress simply, casually: jeans, T-shirt and shoes. T-shirts are usually with some humorous slogans. By 1990, they were distributed T-shirts with computer imagery, but as the hacker culture eventually developed their own symbols, today there are T-shirts with pictures of Penguin (trademark Linux) or daemon (BSD). A small number of hackers prefers hiking boots. After 1995, hackers are falling under the influence of punk, gothic and rave subculture. This was reflected in the wearing of black clothes. Hackers care more about comfort, practicality and ease of maintenance of clothes. They hate business suits.

OTHER INTERESTS: Hobbies that hackers do are widespread. Mostly they like science fiction, music, medievalism, chess, war games and intellectual games of all types, logical puzzles and other areas that are closely related to hacking or that include linguistics and acting.

Hackers prefer cats than dogs. (It is widely believed that cats have the hacker nature). A large number of hackers always forgot to wash a car. They prefer rich modern Porsche or RX-7s, but they forget to wash. All hackers have terrible handwriting.

Hacker’s hate Microsoft’s products and smurfs.

Annoyed by stupid people, don’t like to listen soft music, or to watch television, except for cartoons and science fiction films. They hate lies, incompetence and boredom.

ACTIVITY AND SPORT: The largest number of hackers are generally not engaged in physical activities. Among those who practice them, interest in the sport is not big. Avoid team sports. Hacker sports are always individual, including concentration and ability: cycling, auto racing, skating, sailing, hiking, gliding … Just to mention, HaCoder team play soccer and freestyle football, but don’t like to watch it on TV.

Most hackers do not use cigarettes and alcohol. In 1995, there was a trend to drink exotic beers, influenced by Linus Torvalds who like Guinness. The limited use of cannabis, LSD, Nitrus oxide was once more accepted.On the other side they dont like to use drugs because brain damage. Most hackers use the coffee and / or sugar or soda (Coke) to stay awake all night during the hacking.