The FBI has a problem. They should hire hackers to equip the department for the fight against cyber crime, however, does not want to hire anyone who smoken marijuana in last 3 years. Guess what; it turned out that many hackers like to smoke weed.
It’s a really big problem. In fact, on Monday, the same day as the agency announced the news to indict five Chinese military officials for spying on the internet, because they allegedly committed a hacker attack on US companies’ access to trade secrets, the FBI official James Comey complained to this problem with staffing, writes Gizmodo.

“I need to hire a large workforce to compete with that of cyber criminals, however, some of these kids want to smoke pot on the way to an interview with us,” Comey at a news conference.
“The most difficult part is how to do it,” said Comey adding that his agency “now grappling with the issue”:
Does this mean that the FBI then looking for stoners future agents? No, probably not. It does not seem that the “men in black” warmed to the idea to hire people who like activity in rolling joints, which in turn is legal in only two of the federal state and practically legal in many other things.
The condition is that you know a lot about the security systems of computer networks, and if you light sometimes, maybe it will not prevent you to get a job with the FBI.