Linux is free and open source operating system. It’s available for everyone at great price – FREE.
I feel more secured on Linux. If you came from Windows to Linux, you will have little problems before you learn linux system commands, but when you get it, it will become your favorite OS.
Hackers use Linux.
Most hackers use Linux because it’s open source and you have whole system control. Anyone can look at each and every line of code in the Linux kernel. Power and flexibility of Linux makes it hacker’s playground. They use it and building it. If there’s no tool they need, they will make it.

Can I get infected on Linux?

Well, It’s all on you. There’s no patch for human stupidity. Your linux PC can get infected by Trojan, but most of the hackers target Windows machines for their botnets.
Best Linux distribution for newbies?
You can start with any Linux distro, but best distribution for newbies is Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Mint. All of them are easy to use, especially Ubuntu.
Linux is great for developers, too. Robots, CNC Machines, Air plains, Cars, ATM’s are using Linux. It’s everywhere around you!