This is the second tutorial of the Series “Step-by-Step Hacking Guide” from HaCoder.

But don’t expect this tutorial to be Technical. It is more of a general guidelines and advices which you should know before even starting Learning to Hack.

Requirements to become a Hacker:-

Being a hacker really only have two requirements. First and foremost that you have the right personality and secondly that you ask the right questions to the right person.

On the first requirement, I have no way of knowing if you have the right personality or not. Most likely, you don’t (since most people don’t have the curiosity and tendency to learn more things). Most people are quite normal, and normal people don’t make hackers. I don’t know why people seems to forget that Hackers are Super Geeks who don’t work like the same as most people do and don’t care about the stuff that most people do. Real hackers are not Cool, Real hackers are Geeks.

If you are asking me “What steps should I take to become a Hacker” or “What are the requirements to become a Hacker”, Then On the Second Requirement, you are already doing it wrong. You are asking the wrong question to the wrong guy.

The right question is “How does XXX works?”. XXX being every little tiny detail you can think of regarding computers, networks, servers, etc., and the Right Guy to ask is Yourself.

A Hacker does stuff that nobody has done before, finds vulnerabilities and techniques that nobody knew existed. The only person a hacker can ask is himself because nobody else knows anything about what he is doing.

If you really have what it takes to become a hacker, then there will be about 10 million little things that you want to know how they works and you don’t have the time to sit and wait for other people to explain in writing how it works. Asking on Facebook, Quora or any Social Media platform never made anybody a hacker and if you have to ask where to start, you clearly don’t have what it takes. A hacker would let his curiosity lead him and he would be far too busy finding stuff out to ask.

I would like to advice you that stop waiting for other people to teach you anything, If you seriously want to become a Hacker. Please don’t get disheartened by these strong words which I said in the Post. Just Keep learning new things, Don’t get intimidated, and let your curiosity lead you.

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