There’s a million and one reasons to fall in love with winter, but chief among them is the opportunity to rock different styles of jacket that can add major flair to your look. Whether you’re a fan of Kanye or not, you’ve got to admit the dude’s got his own distinct style, best classified by the terms “bomber jackets” and “khaki”. Ever one to pave the way for a fashion trend, Kanye’s bomber jackets stand the test of time, and can be the perfect item to spruce up both your winter and spring wardrobes in a jiffy. If you’re in the market for a hot new piece guaranteed to add s**** to your look, search no further than a cool bomber jacket to get the job done.

Take a bit of style inspiration from Kanye and invest in an olive green bomber jacket to pair with all of those fierce neutrals you’ve stocked up on. Kim and Kanye have made neutral-dressing a thing, meaning you can totally pair those beige and black body con dresses with a cool bomber jacket to edge things up. Not only will a bomber put a casual spin on your fancier pieces, but the right style can also dress up basics like jeans and a T-shirt when worn with chic accessories like pointy pumps and statement jewelry.

If olive green just ain’t your thing, opt for a printed bomber or one in a gorgeous shade like blush. These can be worn during the day or at night for an unmistakable hint of style sure to transcend the seasons.

Are you down for bomber jackets? Let us know how you’d style these bad boys in the comments below!