Now that a New Year has arrived, we’ve got plenty to look forward to on the fashion front, including a fastly-approaching Award season that’s bound to outshine the rest. Each year, like clockwork, Hollywood’s most beloved stylists scurry to get their hands on the latest and greatest embellished gowns and other designer duds intended to make a splash. Commonly found slaying on the red carpet are the typical A-list glamazons like J.Lo, J.Law and Sofia, and this year will surely be no different. Here are a few of our absolute favorite red carpet looks in recent years. Which is your favorite?

Leave it to the uber-gorgeous Emma Stone to pull off a completely stunning Award season look. The glitz, the gold, the red hair — we love it all! The look is young and sophisticated, but also completely fashion-forward. She’ll have a hard time topping this one this year, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Margot Robbie proved last year that you don’t need to bare it all to be stylish. She looked absolutely amazing in a black frock that left much to the imagination. A safe but beautiful choice for a newcomer, we could not get enough of this striking look — be it black or not.

Head-to-toe embellishments are unnecessary when you’ve got a bod and a fashion sense like Lupita Nyongo. The icy-blue gown she wore to the awards show could not have been more fitting for a Oscar frontrunner. It perfectly complement her skin tone, making her look like a million bucks.

Which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for more celebrity fashion posts!