You love your bestie, we know, which is why we understand how important it is to find the perfect gift for your soul sister. Even the most outgoing gals can appreciate the awesomeness of a weekend shut-in with snacks, sleep and television, so why not give her the gift of entertainment this year? Skip the endless search for the perfect accessory and instead gift her one of these fabulous dvd sets to keep her happily occupied for hours. From hilarious comedies to romantic dramas, you can’t go wrong with these stellar shows.

If you haven’t witnessed the genius that is Broad City, then you must schedule some couch time with your bestie – stat! This brilliant show explores the BFFship between Abbi and Ilana, two of the most ridiculous and endearing female characters on television today. Watch in hilarity as they tackle the city of New York, kissing boys and doing all kinds of stuff you and your bestie dare not dream of.

There are few things more entertaining than fashion and competition shows, especially when they’re meshed together with tears and arguments, to boot. Project Runway is now on its billionth season, but that doesn’t make the old seasons any less fun to watch. Purchase the set for your bestie and don’t expect to hear from her for a week or two – she’ll be busy.

Does your best friend have a knack for sarcasm? If so, she might have found her spirit animal in Daria, the beloved MTV character with major attitude. While the show was cancelled what seems like ages ago, the episodes are as good now as they were then. Expect to get a big giant hug for this one, gals.