It’s not everyday you get to throw on the ugliest sweater you’ve got in your closet, but the Christmas holiday wouldn’t be quite as beloved if it weren’t for all of those fab Ugly Sweater parties taking place. Now is the time to shed your inhibitions and throw on the nastiest garment your money can buy. If you can’t find one at your local Goodwill, there are a ton of stores capitalizing on your need for something hideous for the occasion. From Kohl’s to Wal-mart and J.C. Penney in between, opt for a hilarious choice that will have your onlookers in stitches all night long. Check out the video above to learn a fabulous makeup look for any party on your agenda.

No music video has brought as much joy to the holidays than Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and luckily, there’s a Christmas sweater that really captures the vibe. Become the hit of any party when you’re rocking this bad boy, and you mustn’t forget to replicate his killer dance moves while you’re at it. Trust us! You won’t regret the splurge.

Now is the time to get creative, ya’ll. Think back to the glory days of your childhood to impress every millennial in the room. Seinfeld-inspired sweaters are always a winner come the holidays. If you find yourself pressed for time, simply grab a white sweater and scrawl “Happy Festivus” on it with a black marker. No muss, no fuss! Frank Constanza would definitely be proud.

Are you pumped for the season’s sweater parties?