We’re sorry to break it to you, girls, but it’s time to say goodbye to all those bright pink lip shades of summer and embrace all things vampy for fall. There are a ton of gorgeous options to choose from to ensure your beauty look is as hot as can be once the weather cools down. Youtube fashion vlogger Tar Mar is best known for her style chops, sure, but the gal’s beauty game is definitely on point, too. If you find yourself on a constant hunt for bold new beauty looks to rock during the fall months, look no further. Take a peek as our girl shows us a gorgeous face in the video above.

You’ll want to start off with a flawless base to make sure your products are applied as smoothly as can be. Start by moisturizing, then apply your foundation as usual. Plump up your eyebrows with a brow thickening product like one by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Whether you choose her dip brow or other filler, keep in mind that thick is in!

Utilise gorgeous brown, copper and rust colored tones to create the perfect eye look. Next, use a liquid eyeliner to draw on the perfect wing and use an angled brush to line the bottom of your eyes with a subtle splash of bold color.

On to the fun part — the lipstick! Our favorites for the season? Well, it’s hard to pick just a few, but Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Trust Issues, NYX Copenhagen and Kat Von D’s Exorcism are all fabulous ways to go!

What’s your favorite vampy lip product for fall? Let us know in the comments below!