Let’s face it, few people really enjoy work. Waking up early to slave away at a desk for eight hours is hardly ideal, but the day can go by much faster if you’re in love with what you’re wearing. Dress to impress at the office to make the whole day a little more enjoyable. There are a number of super-chic looks you can put together with pieces already hanging up in your closet. Check out the video above as Youtube star Tar Mar shows us just how hot a little office attire can be.

Pinstripe pants aren’t just for businessmen. Women of the board rooms and offices all over are rocking these too, and looking extraordinarily chic in the process. Pair fitted pinstripe trousers with anything from a white button-down blouse to a silk camisole and blazer to rock your workday in stride. A bold red lip and a sleek bun hairstyle can do wonders for elevating this look.

Ahhhh, the turtleneck. When did it ever steer us wrong? Never, is the answer. Simple, chic and so sophisticated, a plain white turtleneck will make a fabulous pairing for black trousers or any other color of the rainbow. Pair with sleek strappy sandals, patent leather loafers or sleek pumps to blow the look out of the watercooler.

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