If you’re looking to elevate your beauty look this fall, look no further than gorgeous Youtube vlogger Rachel Leary, who’s got the scoop on the best products to achieve a fabulous face.

To start, use a brow gel or pencil to shade in your eyebrows to give them a full, glamorous look. Apply a small swipe of highlighter to the bottom of your eyebrow to brighten your peepers.

The perfect cat-eye is a total necessity when it’s a glamorous look you’re after. Extend it far out and apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to make eyes really pop.

Prep your eyelashes for falsies by swiping on some mascara over your top lids and curve the wand upward to ensure a sufficient curl.

When it comes to lashes, the bigger the better! We adore batting our eyelashes when they’re looking thick and luxe. The process can seem intimidating to some, but Rachel Leary ensures easy application by using a pair of tweezers to get things done. Apply a small bit of lash glue to the lashes and stick them up against your eye – it really is that simple!

Prep your face for foundation by spraying a fine mist to create a smooth, dewey base.

You’ve seen the baking method all over social media, but now it’s time to try it out on your own. Apply a light powder over where you applied your concealer, and let it sit until you feel it soak into your skin. Then, lightly dust it off with a brush.

To get that oh-so-gorgeous glow, use a fan brush to apply highlighter over the apples of your cheeks and underneath the arches of your eyebrow. This will frame your face in a lovely way.