The perfect handbag is an absolute necessity come fall time, but what are you supposed to carry in it? Every gal is different, but aside from wallet, phone and car keys, there are a few other items you can tote around to ensure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead. Check out the video above to see a few of Youtube vlogger Tar Mar’s favorites.

Life is short, and as such, you’ll want to take a lot of pictures. Whether it’s a summer soiree, time with your family or perhaps an impromptu photo shoot in front of the perfect tree, carrying around a good camera is essential to capture those priceless moments.

Fashion illustration has never been bigger, and there is always a good time to unleash your creativity, whether it be while you’re waiting for the subway or while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Tar Mar knows the importance of this, and so the fashion vlogger carries a trust pair of markers in her bag for emergencies. Next time you’re looking to get your feelings out on paper, bust out your pens and notepad and get to work.

Shoes are lovely, they really are, but they can quickly turn demonic once foot pain rears its ugly head. Blisters are fun for no one, so stay armed with heel patches, foot pads are bandaids to ensure your feet are always comfy as can be.

We’re all aware of the power of the bold red lip, but a nude lip is important, too! Always carry your favorite nude lipstick for touch-ups. Kate Moss for Rimmel’s 03 is a fab option for all skin tones.

What are your handbag must-haves?! Let us know in the comments below!