Prove your humanity

It’s scientifically proven that red garments read sultry. Selena Gomez is clearly aware of this fact, appearing seemingly unfazed by her body-shamers as she stepped out looking fierce in a look-at-me ensemble that only solidified her bombshell status. Well on her way toward a musical comeback, Selena has had a rough few months, first becoming the target of social media bullying, then sitting back as ex-boyfriend Justin Bieiber canoodles with a bevy of Hollywood hotties. Luckily for our favorite former Disney star, she’s not about to let the negativity bring her down.

During a Los Angeles Q&A with Adidas, the star admitted to shunning cyber bullies cruel attacks on her body.

When asked about what she’d change about the world, the star replied, ‘I’d get rid of bullying.” ‘People are so mean, it’s exhausting.’

‘I think life is very, very, very hard and I’ve never had anything come super easy to me no matter what people may think, and I continue to be the best I can be and I just want to enjoy it,’ she went on.

While Selena has been hit hard by social media as of late, there are plenty of stars who’ve come to the rescue. Abigail Breslin is just one who’s run to her defense, hitting out at the bullies and media.

“All this stuff about Selena Gomez online in her bathing suit is RIDICULOUS.”

She continued: “Everyone is always saying how we shouldn’t judge each other, so why are you commenting on a gorgeous, talented and smart young girl’s body when she’s on the beach having fun with her friend AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING. Aren’t there more important things the world can be reporting on??”

Sing it, sister!

Photo: Daily Mail