With the summer season nearly here at last, it’s time to kick your wardrobe into high gear. Don’t go thinking a pair of denim cut-offs is all you need to navigate the hot months in style. There are a few key pieces, or shall we say colors, that are an absolute must-have for looking fierce until fall. From magical mules to cool corals and everything in between, you’re going to need at least a few statement-making shades to keep things hot.

High among our list of summer must-haves are pastels — and lots of ’em. From pastel lipstick to body con dresses that showcase killer curves, pastels lend an irresistible dose of sweetness to ensembles both sophisticated and edgy.

Not quite sure how to incorporate pastels into your everyday look? Well, lets get back to the basics. Those denim cut-offs we discussed earlier are prime for jazzing up with pastels. Take a pair of cut-offs and combine it with a vintage T-shirt and a pastel-colored blazer for an ultra-cool outfit just as adorable as it is cool.

Pastel accessories are another great way to utilize these too-pretty-for-words shades. A baby blue pair of pumps is as useful as a baby pink clutch — both of which provide extra spice to any look. Pair a white dress or jumpsuit with a pop of pink by way of lipstick to get the ball rolling on a summer-ready ensemble.