When she’s not posing for the camera, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is making quite the splash on the movie circuit. The Mad Max: Fury Road actress stopped by the late night stage and blew us away with her style choice. Leather during spring time? Why not! You, too, can get the Rosie H.W. look by combing a few key pieces to form one fierce look. Follow the steps below to create an edgy outfit not short on glamour in the least.
Start off with a versatile leather skirt — you get bonus points for a shorter style that will showcase a pair of gorgeous gams. The beauty of Rosie’s button-up blouse is in its versatility. We adore the neutral shade, making it as perfect with black leather as it is with denim. As if the look could get any cooler, Rosie topped things off with the perfect leather jacket, making this one to remember. Draping a jacket over your shoulders is the completely modern way to keep warm while showcasing impeccable style chops.
Sometimes, it’s all in the accessories. Rosie’s garments are no doubt fabulous, but it’s her choice of add-ons that really drive the point on home. Pointy-toed pumps are the ideal choice for an emsemble this sexy, providing great balance all around. Sport a sophisticated shoe when sporting sultry garments for a fierce but fabulous contrast sure to impress your on-lookers. To keep up with the cool girl look, opt for a slight smokey eye and a nude lip to drive the point on home.