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Your dress is picked out, along with the perfect shoes and you’re half an hour from meeting what could be your dream man. The only thing left to sort? Your make-up! Check out these simple tips to learn how to achieve the perfect date-night beauty look in just under five minutes.

First, start off with your foundation. The goal is coverage, not caked on. Don’t go overboard. Next, apply some cleverly placed bronzer to bring out the warmth in your face. There are few things more attractive on a woman’s face than glowy skin.This is date night, afterall. You’re going to want to draw attention to your pretty peepers, which is easily achieved with soft, neutral eyeshadows. Use a champagne shade for your base, applying to your lower lid, which will brighten eyes and give you a look that’s gussied up but not overdone in the least

A little shimmer is a good thing. For an instant eyebrow lift, brush a soft, white, slightly shimmery shade just below the brow bone to accentuate it. This will do wonders for making you look fresh. Next, blend it in with the gold using small strokes. To further brighten your eyes, a dash of that same shimmery white should be placed in the inner corner of your eye.

Contour your eyelid by using a caramel shade and tracing the line of the eye. Add a darker brown to the corner of your eye to enhance them. Finish them off with a swipe of gel eyeliner. Then, use a lip liner for a soft, natural look. A mauve shade or nude is ideal for kissable lips.