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The MTV Awards happened over the weekend and, as always, there were a plethora of good times to be had. And a plethora of bad outfits on the red carpet, to be fair. While we were definitely blown away by some of the fierceness that walked down the aisle, we couldn’t help but be mortified for a few choice offenders. We’re looking at you, Charli XCX. Some of Hollywood’s most glamorous heavy-hitters came out to play while music’s little darlings were seriously lagging behind in the style department. J.Lo, Scarlett and Ana Camp all shut it down, but the rest? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Oh, Hailee. Where did you go wrong? The actress’s early style choices were the stuff a quirky fashionista’s dreams are made of, with floral dresses and sleek minimalism galore. While we do admire her bravery, something about this ensemble just felt…off. We’re usually big fans of contrast, but this look felt like two separate ideas entirely. A quick way to make this one party-ready? Swap the blouse for a sleek black tank top and you’ve got an outfit built to perfection.

We get where Charli XCX was coming from with this one — we really do. But, no. Looking like a much more unfortunate Cher Horowitz circa 1995, the look would have been much more fabulous if done in a solid color, without the platform boots. A sleek and chic sandal would have been the icing on top of a sophisticated yet sexy outfit.

Who were your hits and misses of the night? Discuss in the comments below!


Photo: MTV