This is an easy question for any basketball fan to answer the question,”Who are the best two players in the NBA right now?” Of course everyone’s answer would be hands down, Lebron and KD! But the biggest question is who would everyone choose to be the third best player in the NBA. Take a look and see if you agree with the choices of these two basketball expert analysis.

Bleacher Report
I guess you would have to agree the topic of discussion would be between the choices of Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis or Russell Westbrook. Rose would be the obvious choice but his injuries has slowed him down. Westbrook’s argument could be he has more help while playing alongside the second best player in the NBA. Davis plays on one of the worst teams in the NBA and he hasn’t had the chance to prove anything in his young career, but he does have the talent to play all five positions and dominate on both sides of the ball.
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