True artistry transcends decades. In terms of fashion, few labels surpass the artistry of Saint Laurent. The chicness of the label knows no bounds, a judgement evident in today’s Parisian runway show that was filled with much of the aesthetic Saint Laurent has become beloved for. Rock n’ roll persona intertwined with insane amounts of glamour, the pieces were every bit reflective of the cool girls that roamed the ’70s. This alone was enough to render us smitten.

Black-and-white pieces are a common scene on Saint Laurent’s runway. It’s hard to not kick a** when you’re sporting the most classic of color palettes, after all. From a classic tuxedo perfectly tailored for a woman to an ’80s-esque ballerina who can probably beat up your dad, there’s no mistaking that the Saint Laurent woman is all about power.

A large part of the allure of the ’70s has a lot to do with the texture of it all. Fringe vests, fur coats and sparkle, so much sparkle, dominated the decade, making it the ultimate fashion era for the woman who makes a statement. It takes a lot of knowledge and quite frankly, balls, to create a leather jumpsuit that oozes classy, not trashy and the creators behind Saint Laurent accomplished such with an elegance that not many labels can emulate with such finesse. One particularly glitzy zebra-print gown was among the most fabulous we’ve seen this year, because it represented everything the brand has come to stand for. Edgy glamour personified, the Saint Laurent girl is who we want to be when we grow up.