If you’re like every other non-single gal out there, you’re probably looking forward to all of the fun festivities Valentine’s Day has to offer. We don’t blame you. Commercial as it may be, there are few things funner than getting dolled up for a special night with your guy. Between the delicious dinner, the chocolates and the cuddling, things are shaping up to be a fabulous day. You may have your sexiest dress picked out for the night, but what about what’s underneath? Any glamour girl knows the trick to looking her best is by rocking a killer pair of undies. Opt for one of these five gorgeous lingerie sets to get his heart racing this Valentine’s Day…and any other day after.

There are plenty of ways to get a guy’s heart racing, but sheer is a good way to get the job done quickly. Lace pairs and those with sheer, floral embroidery are both lovely and sexy. Rock a gorgeous floral set under your little black dress to feel like a million bucks on date night.

Men’s infatuation with women in red is scientifically proven. Take this fascinating fact into consideration when dressing for the occasion. A matching bra and panties in red is a sure fire way to achieve a steamy night with your guy. If red isn’t available, you can never go wrong in basic black. Sexy, sophisticated and oh-so chic, black lingerie is guaranteed to get you lucky in love this Valentine’s Day.

Photo: La Perla