Beloved fashion icon and professional party girl Kate Moss turns 41 today. The resulting social media explosion of well-wishes only demonstrate the popularity of the British blonde who’s spent decades navigating the cut-throat world of fashion with the sort of poise and precision reserved for bomb squads. Trending world-wide, The Picasso of Modeling has left a permament imprint in the world of fashion just by simply being Kate Moss. Her vibe is unmistakable. Cigarettes, lipstick, high heels and perfume personified, Kate Moss is quite literally the woman every girl wants to be.

Glamorous in the edgiest of ways, Kate Moss’s personal style has always been one to covet. Her street style moments have been known to send many a fashionista scouring the racks of their local Forever 21 in search of leather leggings, muscle shirts and flat booties. The British bombshell will go down in history as one of fashion’s most beloved cat-walkers, gracing the stage for the industry’s biggest names as if they were her a mere pitstop on the way to her daily grind. While her career has been filled with hundreds of show-stopping moments, none have made as big of an impact as that one time she wasn’t even really there. Late designer Alexander McQueen featured a hologram of Kate Moss during his fall 2006 runway, portraying her angelically in the wake of a then-recent cocaine scandal. The show remains one of the most celebrated in the history of the runway.

With her ability to make even a garbage bag appear stylish, the only word to describe a talent like Kate Moss is “legendary”. From her enviable closet to her perfectly-tousled hair and the rock n’ roll persona that become its own genre, the industry never knew a woman as cool as Kate Moss.