Miami’s Art Basel music festival has often boasted its fair share of shenanigans, and who better to join in on the fun that notorious bad girl Miley Cyrus? The 22-year-old starlet was seen out in about in Miami, looking worse for wear, begging the question: Will her hard-partying ways become too much for good boy Patrick Schwarzenneger?

Life is a party when you’re Miley Cyrus, and the pop star was definitely looking the part, decked out in a sassy and mighty scandalous ensemble that surely has Arnold and Maria shaking their heads in shame. With all the fame in the world at her fingertips, we’ve long known Miley to make a splash, but now with a respectable lad in the mix, is she ready to settle down her crazy ways? From her disco ball pasties to her outrageous wig, we feel Miley may be going a bit too far in her quest for attention.

There was plenty of crotch-grabbing to be had at Miley’s performance earlier in the evening as she shocked audience members with her usual manic antics. She covered songs from the likes of Johnny Cash, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, a far cry from her pop/dance/hip-hop song and dance. It was after this that she met up with boyfriend Patrick at Dream nightclub where the debauchery carried on.

The singer kept her wig on throughout the night, swapping out her pasties for  a less scandalous — if you can believe it — black bra. Her preference for all things MJ inspired is a well-known fact at this point, so it’s unsurprising that she was seen smoking a joint on stage at the party. If Art Basel is any indication, Patrick may be just insane enough to carry on along this crazy ride we call Miley’s life.