Vanderpump Rules is one of those deliciously trashy television shows that we can’t help ourselves from indulging in. As fashionistas, it’s in our nature. Not only is it a delight to step into the fabulous world of Lisa Vanderpump and the minions frolicking in and around her restaurant, Sur, but the relationship and friendship drama unfolding is truly a sickening/entertaining sight to be seen. From Staci’s oh-so-eloquent, angry outbursts to Tom Sandoval’s facial expressions filled with sheer bewilderment and disgust, Vanderpump’s gang of gorgeous wait staff is the best thing to happen to Bravo since Teresa Guidice’s infamous table flip. Let the bar brawls and back-stabbing begin.

As expected, this week’s Season 3 premiere satisfied our appetite for gossip with the always personable Kristen doing a little Instagram investigating. To those who may not be up to speed on the Sur shenanigans, last year saw Kristen confess to sleeping with Jax, then-boyfriend Tom’s BFF, much to the dismay of her BFF Stassi and her own little crew of followers. Does anyone else get a serious Regina George vibe from Stassi? I digress. One summer, two punches and a Pacific Ocean of tears later, Kristen is back at the vengefulness again, this time setting her sight on Tom’s new gf, Ariana. In typical angry ex-girlfriend fashion, Kristen dug up some dirt on Tom, who was then at the center of a cheating scandal with some yet-to-be-named Instagrammer. Ever the chess player, Kristen let word loose on Ariana’s BFF, Scheana, who predictably and reliably passed it on to a not-so-shocked Ariana, leading us to believe their relationship is not all rainbows and butterflies like they’d have us believe. Bitterness is unbecoming, Kristin. It’s best to mind your own bees wax. We can’t wait until the drama further unfolds next week. “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen gave us a little preview of the hysterics to come in the following weeks. One clip shows a devastated Tom in tumultuous tears. Did his dirty deeds finally catch up to him? Will Ariana forgive and forget? Tune in next week to find out!