Do you remember when everyone was calling Michael Jordan a failure at being an NBA owner of the Charlotte Bobcats? There is a reason why this man is considered the greatest human to ever play the game of basketball at the highest level. Every single NBA player is trying to chase MJ’s legacy of being the greatest of all-time. How did he do it? What did he do that I am not doing? Nobody may ever know. After seeing this video watching MJ hitting 11 shots in a row, will remind why he is still the best player to ever touch a basketball. There is no one better. Take a look and see for yourself.



Mj hasn’t played competitively at the elite level since 2003. At the age of 51 he is still pulling off the most incredible feats any man will ever be able to attain in a lifetime. Last summer at his basketball camp he showed everyone he still could dunk with ease. Now he is showing the world he still can wow the crowd by sinking 11 consecutive shots in a row. The man, the myth, the legend will never disappear out of our minds. Here he shows us all the reasons why!