The home run is the most attracted part about baseball. If you are a fan of the game and you ever had the chance to hit a home run, then you will know the exact feeling of what I am talking about. The home run is all about excitement watching the little ball disappear into the stadium crowd. Baseball fans all love the home run. Since the beginning when the game was created, there has been over thousands of thousands of home runs hit in the 140 years of the existence of baseball. Lets find out who has the record for the farthest home run ever hit.

Barry Bonds home run against closer Troy Percival in the World Series in 2002 estimated traveled over 485 feet. It is only an estimate because you will see the ball actually disappeared and it maybe is still in the earth’s orbit. This could be the longest home run ever hit. Take a glance!


The great Babe Ruth called his home run shot in the 1932 World Series. But Mickey Mantle May have the furthest one. CHECK BELOW.


There isn’t any footage of Babe Ruth’s longest home run, but in 1926 they said he had hit a ball over 600 feet. Some say it went almost 700 feet. The all-time Babe Ruth historian came to a conclusion that hitting a ball over 700 feet is impossible. So he estimated the ball could have traveled around 650 feet. Either way you won’t see a ball hit that far anytime soon in this era.
Mickey mantle hit many home runs over 500 feet. Here in year 1963, he hit a ball out of the old Yankee Stadium. No one has ever done this. Take a look.


It’s too hard to tell who has the farthest home run ever, but on record we can say Mickey Mantle is known on record for having the longest home run ever. At the time his ball traveled an estimated 565 feet before hitting the facade. But experts still say today Mantle’s ball only traveled around 515 feet. So basically between the three it is still up for grabs because technology back in the days were not as accurate as today’s game. So what is the longest home run ever hit, you will have to be your own judge on this one.
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