NBA players from the Atlanta Hawks Kyle Korver’ and Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson’ square off in 3-point shootout in Men’s USAB practice. These two are one the best or not the best sharp shooters in the NBA today. It’s good to see old school basketball is still lingering around outside all of the high flying above the rim dunks we have been accustomed to seeing. You may be looking at preview of the upcoming battle in the next All Star 3-point competition between these two NBA players. Any given day these professional athletes will find time to compete with one another, no matter what the circumstances are. From playing video games, cards, or even hop scotch, these elite athletes love to compete in every which way. This is the beauty of playing sports. The COMPETITION!
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CBS Sports

According to Thompson he said,”Korver one four of the seven spots, but Klay Thompson says he appreciates the competition with Korver.”
“Man. He beat me four out of seven spots.
You can only miss one shot, maybe two (against Kyle Korver), but I love shooting with Kyle — or Steph. There’s not many guys I think can shoot better than me. It just gets me better.”

They both agree they will have more of these shootouts in camp in the near future as well.