Number one overall MLB Draft Picks can change everything in a major league baseball organization. It can be the golden ticket to the promise land of heaven in between the base paths for all of the team’s baseball executives. It is the most high risk, high reward payout of the lifetime. When the number one pick pans out then everyone in the front office wants to take the credit. And when the number first overall draft picks are a bust, is when all of the executives are pointing the finger at each other. That’s just the way the ball rolls in the sports world. Lets find out who is the greatest number one overall draft pick of all time.
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5.) Darryl Strawberry. He had his share of troubles on and off the field. But he has great career numbers as well. In his career he had over 300 home runs, over 200 stolen bases and 1000 rbi’s.

4.) Harold Baines. This hitting phenom almost hit 400 home runs, under 200 hits shy from 3000, and over 1,600 rbi’s in his career.


3.) Alex Rodriguez. Even though all the bad publicity, this man was still a beast on the field. Over a career .300 hitter, over 605 home runs and almost 3000 hits.

2.) Chipper Jones. The switch hitting slugger had a 19-year stellar career. A career over .300 batting average with over 450 home runs and over 1,600 Rbi’s. He is the only MLB with hitter in history to hit over .300 batting average with 400 home runs.

1.) Ken Griffey Jr. “The Kid” played 22 seasons in the big leagues and is by far the greatest number one MLB Draft Pick of all time. He had over 600 career home runs, 13-time all star, 10-gold gloves and over 1,800 Rbi’s in his career. Also a lock for the Hall Of Fame, hands down the greatest.

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