Intricate detail and baroque embellishments have long been a symbol of Dolce & Gabbana’s aesthetic. Basically, if it’s not flashy, it’s not Dolce. Since Carrie Bradshaw’s earliest days of sporting fur-trimmed purple Dolces to dinner with Amalita, the brand has been recognized as synonymous with all things glamorous. In true D&G fashion, the label’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway show spared no expense in the name of luxury. Inspired by Spanish influences, a slew of fabrics came together to form a collection inundated in opulence. As if gold emebllishments atop lace and metallic fabrics weren’t fabulous enough, the catwalk models wore vibrant roses and bejeweled crowns to lend an additional air of grandiosity.

Gorgeous florals in bright, rich red hues were a common theme on D&G’s runway. Perfectly juxtaposed by dark, gothic lace and gold accents, it’s safe to say the collection was bred from thoughts of classic Spain. Capes of lace paired with hot pants create a stunning contrast while a pink matador blazer made for the ultimate statement piece. Sure to be seen throughout Awards season, a floor-length gown in black sheer lace put an unmistakably glamourous spin on the runway.

While D&G gave us many a fancy look to daydream about, there was plenty of room for realism, too. Stripes and polka dot — two timeless prints — were used to anchor the “Wow” pieces within the collection, giving real girls hope of rocking the Dolce look, too. The combination of stripes and florals is one we will never tire of, and, whether spring or winter, this duo is sure to blow onlookers away.

The show’s close consisted of rows of models identically adorned in embellished high-waist hot pants and crisp, white blouses — a clear nod to the bullfighter. Kendall Jenner led the pack that, marking yet another appearance on one of the season’s most coveted runways.