The teen lil trash talking Mamba really attacked the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant. You can hear Kobe say,”You have to give me your And 1″ shorts after it’s all said and done.” The funny thing about it, this teenager really thinks he can beat one of the greatest to ever play the game. Look at how little White Mamba sticks the ball into Kobe Bryant’s chest in the beginning of the game. In the video little Mamba was able to get most of his shots off, even after Kobe got hung on the rim. Must see the ending!!


Kobe is a great sport at the end of his career. You will find him doing multiple of these types of charitable events, where he is usually very involved in. Doesn’t matter the place, time or opponent. If it has to do with COMPETITION, then Kobe will be the first one standing on your porch ready to attack like the vicious competitor he is. Whomever the teenager was he will have a memory in his head not too many people in the world can say, they played one one one ball with Kobe Bryant.