Yasiel Puig gets all the headlines when the Dodgers come up, whether it is good news or bad news he is the center piece to most of it. There have been whispers about Puig having a sophomore slump. I guess you can say the best sophomore slump of all time. The rumors have been swirling around due to he hasn’t hit a home run since June 1st and had a horrible showing at the 2014 Home Run Derby and All Star Game.Being known for his swagger and unbelievable Bo Jackson like ability, suddenly has come back again. Dodger fans have been asking around what is wrong with Puig? All professional athletes deal with slumps in their profession. It’s like the slumps need to occur because if athletes never struggled, then how would they get better? Some use their failures as a time to recognize they can get better and others see their slumps as the deepest abyss where they seem like they never can get out of.

After missing the past few games with an injury to his hand, Puig went 4-for-5 with a record setting three triples, leading the Dodgers to a 8-1 victory over the division leading San Francisco Giants. For somebody who is supposedly having a sophomore slump he still has very respectful numbers this year. No matter what he goes through, he is probably hands down the most exciting five tool player in baseball to watch. You can add his flare and antics to the mix as well. Bat flipping antics and his raw talent is just a sight to see. No question his Dodgers record with three triples will stand for a very long time.

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