The autumn air may be filled with gloom but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe is forced to follow suit. A brilliant burst of color by way of accessory is a chic and simple way to liven up a drab fall color palette. Narrow down your fall and winter fashion wish list by axing the pieces lacking in versatility. An iridescent shoulder bag is one of those funky little accessories that holds a ton of potential when it comes to making a statement. Use it to create a variety of awesome looks at the drop of a hat.

Small bag, big possibilities. There are a million and one ways to use a hot handbag to your advantage. From casual outfits to those fit for a night on the town, a wide variety of garments can be transformed with the addition of a special bag. Stella McCartney pieces are often statement-making caliber and this bag is no exception. For a downtown look bound to garner praise, rock a black jumpsuit with a gold belt and use this versatile accessory as the closer. Simple yet irresistibly chic, this cool combination is easily transitioned from day to night in a flash. Just swap out a pair of sparkly flats for a pair of strappy sandals to make the switch. This ultra glam bag is perfect for jazzing up other neutrals like beige or slate gray, as well. When sporting a piece in all shades of the rainbow, sky is the limit. Rock a white or pale nude nail color to make the colors on your stellar bag really pop.

A 60’s revival is in store for the cool fall months ahead, which is prime time for showcasing this killer handbag. Use it to anchor bold, psychedelic prints so they’re always appropriate, whether day or night. For a casual look that’s just as stylish during summer as during fall, pair a cool graphic t-shirt with distressed baggy boyfriend jeans and a cool cuff bracelet. An eye-catching clutch or handbag in a striking shade or sheen is sure to top the entire thing off to perfection.