By all means if you are a baseball fan, better yet just a sports fan do you remember when Matt Kemp was the hungriest baseball player on the planet? The triple crown threat hitting  close to .330 40 plus homers and 40 plus stolen bases? Where did it all go? I’m not angry at him, I’m just wondering how somebody this F@%*n great turn the corner. I liked him when he was the angry initial beast who snared at all of us when he was the runner-up in the national leagues’s MVP race in 2011. After losing to Ryan Braun, he stated,”Next year I will show all of you I should have won. I am going to hit 50 homers next year!” After that it all seem to spiral downhill. Lets find out what happened. Take a look in this video how great he was.



LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp has a history of anger management issues and violence towards women. His ex-girlfriend had to file a restraining order against in 2008. Being an athlete could it be they are so great at what they do because of their fight for something deeper within. Meaning was Kemp great in those past years due to being able to release his anger on the baseball field. Proving people wrong, not good enough or the fight to please the world. Was this the reason for his downfall? I don’t mean to single him out, but being that great I felt the need to get it off my chest. Even though I will always love him. I’m speaking from the heart whether you like it or not.

It seems like he was great when the world was against him and not for him. Kemp was great when the pressure on him was merely PROVING THE WORLD WRONG! In this way it seemed easy for him. Once the Hall Of Famer Magic Johnson came along is when everything seem to go sour. Now everyone was for Matt Kemp and not against him. Now he had the pressure on him to perform for others instead of sticking the middle finger up to the whole world. It wasn’t the big contract or all the famous ex-girlfriends such as Rihanna. It was more deeper than that. Maybe he needs to be traded so he can be on a horses hit team, to find his old self in proving the whole world wrong again. Maybe that’s just the way he is built like some of us.

Matt Kemp Talks About Rihanna.