Only 5’7″ Yuki Togashi is making a splash in the NBA Summer League. He is the talk of the town. He kind of looks similar to Muggsy Bogues watching this video. He goes on a scoring rampage hitting a few three pointers from left to right, while sneaking in the infamous Tony Parker floaters over guys a foot taller than him. Pretty cool to see.


Point Guard Yuki Togashi made his NBA Summer League Debut on July 13th for the Dallas Mavericks versus the New York Knicks. In the Knicks’76-64 victory over the Mavs, Togashi had two rebounds and one assist. The game that everyone noticed was his break out performance against the Charlotte Hornets. He scorched the Hornets for 12 points going 5-7 from the floor in only eleven minutes on the floor. He is becoming an instant youtube sensation at this current moment. Recently an NBA posted video noted “Yuki ‘Toga’ Togashi is a Vegas Fan Favorite and his highlights have been watched more than 149,000 times.”

He will not be the first japanese NBA player ever, but it is still a great story. Yuta Tabuse was the first japanese born NBA player appearing in four games for the Phoenix Suns in 2004-2005 before being waived. Los Angeles Laker Legend, Michael Cooper coached Tabuse with the Albuquerque Thunderbirds stating,”He automatically changes the game any time he enters the game because of how quick he is and the way he distributes the ball.”

5’7″ Yuki Togashi said,”I look like I am 15 years old, so maybe that’s a reason why the fans love me!” Nowadays it seems like every time Togashi enters a game he is greeted with a standing ovation. Everyone loves to hear about the underdog story and Yuki is the perfect guy to cheer for. He is a great example for everyone out there chasing all of their dreams in life no matter how tall you are, how big you are, how fast you are and what is most important…He is showing the world how big his heart is! That’s why I believe he is liked so much.