We’ve gotta hand it to Rihanna for putting on a brave face in the midst of danger. If our exes were in the studio together working on a track, we’d be struck with a serious case of anxiety. In what is sure to be the collaboration heard ’round the world, the infamous hip-hop bad boy Chris Brown and everyone’s favorite softie, Drake, are suddenly passed their beef as they were photographed kickin’ it a recording studio. Surely exhausted after a 13-hour cover shoot for W, the Diamonds singer was looking fab but not as fab as usual, leaving us wondering if maybe the gal’s got something to hide.

Never one to break with convention, Riri was looking all kinds of cute as she strutted the streets of the big city in her usual skin-tight frock and sneakers. As if that weren’t enough to merit her outfit cool, she topped things off with a bold red lip and a bucket hat, yes, a bucket hat, for good measure. While we’re not 100% completely sold on the glam/sporty look, we’ve got to applaud her bravery. When was the last time you saw someone in a bucket hat look chic? To take the look one step further, Riri is rocking a killer nose piece, a testament to the “I do what I want” persona she’s become known for. Whether or not the Brown & Drake collaboration causes any real trouble for Riri remains to be seen but one thing’s for certain: Looking hot is the greatest revenge.