If this is what resort wear looks like, we are allllll about it. The all-around Bad A** that was Frida Kahlo was obviously a great inspiration for Valentino’s 2015 Resort collection as traces of the famed painter were seen all throughout the show comprised of, wait for it…a mind-boggling 83 looks. But the house of Valentino didn’t stop there. The collection was filled with an array of influences including a nod to psychedelic era of Valentino. Bold, vibrant prints of chevron and a plethora of kaleidoscope and rectangular patterns created an instant air of nostalgia for delighted onlookers.

While we’re basically obsessed with anything and all things Valentino, we’ve got to admit our skepticism of the 18th century maiden look. Stylish in theory, we just can’t bring ourselves to flaunt high-collared ruffles and gowns filled with drab prints. Sorry ’bout it! While we weren’t a fan of those, we were in love with several other looks that stormed the show, like the all-red ensemble with that thingamajig on the collar. Loves it! Also, how fab are those army green parkas? Perfect for fall as well, those bad boys are bound to add instant edge to your frilly dresses, as well as perfectly top off those awesome skinny jeans and tank top ensembles.

Also on the menu at Valentino? Butterflies! Far from the Lisa Frank variety, Valentino’s army of butterflies portrays a dark side of fantasy, one perfectly befitting of the edgy but always chic house of Valentino.